11 Real Moms Reveal What Happened When They Returned to the Workforce

Society expects women to have children. It also expects them to work, as it’s no longer feasible for many Americans to live on a single income. And yet, after pausing their careers to have and care for their children, many mothers find returning to the workplace a challenge. Some feel out of practice or struggle to adjust to their new double role. Other times, the lapse in employment makes it difficult to find a new job.

To understand the struggles working moms face, GOBankingRates interviewed 11 women who returned to work after having children. They shared their experiences — the good and the bad — that seem to defy the belief that taking a sabbatical can help your career.

Original article: https://www.gobankingrates.com/making-money/jobs/what-happens-when-mom-go-back-to-work/



MSN: https://cutt.ly/mruNiic

PDF available upon request

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