Baseball Is Finally Back! Here’s a Look at What Coronavirus Cost Each Team

After weeks of acrimonious negotiations between the MLB owners and players that had many fans thinking to themselves, “Wow, they’re going to screw this up, huh?” baseball is back. While the two sides didn’t quite come to an agreement, the final stumbling block — whether they would play a 60-game season or a 70-game season — didn’t prove to be enough to prevent a full summer with no baseball as Rob Manfred mandated a 60-game season and the players didn’t feel compelled to strike.

However, even with games returning, the financial hit to the league remains massive. Playing 60 games and — coronavirus permitting — a postseason should help mitigate some of those losses for the teams. But, without fans at the games, the sport of baseball just isn’t going to be the revenue driver it normally is. In fact, teams still stand to lose millions of dollars in lost ticket sales, concessions and merchandise. After all, the profit margin on $8 beers and $5 hot dogs is, well, extreme.

So how much is each team missing out on? Here’s a closer look at which teams stand to lose the most.

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