From Alabama to Wyoming: The Cost of Living Across America

There are pros and cons to living anywhere, and you have to consider both if you plan to make a move. Take New Mexico, for instance. On the one hand, the state is famous for its immensely rich cultural history, delicious hatch chiles, “Breaking Bad” filming locations and stunning Georgia O’Keeffe Museum. Additionally, it happens to be an excellent place for living on a budget, with annual expenditures nearly $7,000 below the national average. On the other hand, New Mexico is home to something called the “tarantula hawk wasp,” which combines the names of three terrifying predators into one entity and is apparently abundant — or menacing — enough that government officials made it the state insect.

Take another example, this time at the opposite end of the budgetary spectrum. New York is filled with incomparable entertainment, far-flung wineries and its own fascinating history from Montauk to Massapequa. But the cost-of-living index is through the roof, with housing alone costing residents over $23,000 annually, which is double the national average. Also, in all fairness to New Mexico, New York has its own monstrous creatures to contend with: New Yorkers.

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