How Much House You Get in Every State for the Cost of a New York Apartment

Despite what television shows would have you believe — looking at you, “Sex and the City,” “Seinfeld” and “Friends” — a typical New York apartment is neither spacious nor cheap. In fact, the median monthly rent price for a one-bedroom apartment in the Empire State is $2,450 — and that only gets you a measly 652 square feet.

To figure out the amount of house New Yorkers could be getting elsewhere in the U.S. for the same price, GOBankingRates used July 2019 housing data from Zillow, dividing the rent of a New York apartment by the price per square foot of single-family residences in each state. The states were then ranked from the smallest amount of square footage one can get for the price of a New York apartment to the largest amount.

Now, you might be thinking, “But who would give up living in New York? The hustle and bustle! The excitement!” And you’re right; you really can’t put a price on the sound of the 7 train jarring you awake each morning. There’s no numerical value for the overgrown rat that periodically emerges from the sewers to fight your chihuahua. And what about your bi-weekly run-in with old Pickpocket Steve? Sure, he’s attempted to steal your identity multiple times, but that’s part of the charm of the Big Apple, right?

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