How Your Worst Ideas Will Get You Your Next Raise

It’s a new year, a new you and you have your eye on a pay raise. But how to get it? Some experts say to volunteer for more projects to make yourself stand out. Others say to stop asking for advice and start giving it. Those are great ideas, but what if the answer isn’t a great idea at all? In fact, what if the answer lies in a really bad one?

“Reverse thinking” or “wrong thinking” is a counterintuitive approach that says you should start with the worst idea possible so that you can eventually get to your best one. The process inevitably involves failures — but can also lead to major success. Designers, chefs, scientists and a whole host of others swear by this brainstorming method to get the results they want, and it can work for you, too. Keep reading to learn how your worst ideas could help you get your next pay bump.

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