Interview: Robert Aramayo on ‘Galveston’ Experience

“Galveston” is the story of ex-con and mob hitman, Roy (Ben Foster), who is forced to go on the run when a job goes sideways. Complicating things further is a young woman named Rocky (Elle Fanning), who saw the whole thing happen and recognizes Roy as her ticket out of town. The pair hop from one bad motel to the next, contemplating their futures and grappling with their complicated pasts. The film is directed by Mélanie Laurent (you may recognize her as Shoshanna in Quentin Tarantino’s “Inglourious Basterds”) and adapted by a novel by Nic Pizzolatto (“True Detective”).ScreenPicks spoke with Robert Aramayo, who plays a scheming opportunist who gets in Roy’s way, about his time making Galveston.

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