Millennials Lie Twice as Much as Everyone Else on Resumes — Here’s What They Lie About

Finding a job isn’t always easy. You have to search for a job opening, draft the perfect cover letter and tailor your resume to the position. You might even have to throw in a white lie here or there to make yourself stand out. Who’s going to test you on your “fluent Hungarian,” anyway? Besides, everyone lies on their resume.

Well, as it turns out, that’s far from true. GOBankingRates conducted a survey of 1,003 individuals to determine how many people lie on their resumes and, more importantly, why they do it. A surprisingly low number of respondents — a mere 5% — admitted to lying on their resumes. And that’s not the only surprising result — keep reading to learn more about the survey’s findings.

Original article:


PDF available upon request

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