Movie Review: ‘The Dark Tower’

Agree to disagree. Give it a chance. These are important attitudes to maintain in a world where sites (like this one – yes, I realize) can potentially send out their reviews before the release of a movie, and critics can pan it before it’s ever gotten a chance to reach an audience. “I heard it was awful” is a sentiment you hear a lot, which is often code for “a friend of a friend read on Rotten Tomatoes that it got a 13%, so I’m not going to bother.” You can burn a movie to the ground that way pretty easily.

After seeing The Dark Tower, I found the ubiquitous bashing of it online surprising. “Did we all see the same movie?” I thought while cruising through Twitter. Within minutes of the press embargo being lifted, the film was trending and key phrases like “misfire”, “garbage”, and “f**k up” were being bandied about unanimously. People love to hate on things, and boy oh boy, did they ever hate this movie! I didn’t read a single positive thing.

Original article:

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