These Hourly Workers Benefit the Most From Overtime

The coronavirus pandemic has transformed the professional lives of nearly every American. Many workers, for instance, have started doing their jobs remotely. Data from a recent Gallup Panel noted that 62% of employed Americans currently work from home, and that figure has doubled since mid-March. But while working from home is becoming increasingly common, it also comes with its own set of challenges: homeschooling kids, barking dogs and spouses who wander willy-nilly in and out of frame during Zoom meetings.

Of course, these challenges pale in comparison to those who are out of jobs entirely. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics said in a May 8 press release that unemployment had hit 14.7%, but disclosed that due to a recording error, the figure was likely closer to 20%. Further, White House economic advisor Kevin Hassett confirmed that the unemployment rate could very well eclipse 20% by May or June. This is alarmingly close to the estimated 25% unemployment rate during the Great Depression.

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