To Climb the Business Ladder, Quit Asking for Advice — Start Giving It

There is no shortage of advice out there for those looking to succeed in the workplace. Throughout your career, you’ll hear every piece of wisdom out there from “find a mentor ” to “ask lots of questions.” But what if more knowledge isn’t necessarily what you need to climb the corporate ladder?

As it turns out, this is likely the case. In a study conducted by researchers at The Wharton School and the Psychology Department at the University of Pennsylvania and Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago, confidence — not more information — was found to be the universal key to success, be it with weight loss, saving money or doing homework assignments. By giving advice instead of seeking it, individuals were more likely to gain a boost in confidence and motivation to help them achieve their goals. Keep reading to discover why the study’s assertion that “in giving we receive” should be one of your new mantras for the key to success.

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